Free Final Cut Pro X Library Template!

Title says it all really!

This is a Final Cut Pro X Library template I use constantly for my edits on short, commercial and feature work.

Feel free to download it here

It includes already labelled and pre-established events, smart and keyword collections, as well as a dedicated event to housing a Roles setup. Compound clips which just have small, bite sized generators and audio clips inside them with roles assigned so when the Library opens, they launch into FCPX.

Feel free to use this template as much as you want! Let me know what you use for your own projects, always keen on seeing how other people organise their work!




7 thoughts on “Free Final Cut Pro X Library Template!

  1. Hey Sam, I’m a total newbee to FCPX so I could really use an already structured library for the kick out and also to learn… but the download link doesn’t work =(
    Thank you

  2. Hey Sam, I came across the site because I’m about to embark on working on an indie feature in FCPX and I wanted to see if there is a template for a library setup for it. I clicked on the link in this above thread and it appears to no longer be there. I was just curious if you have gotten around to fixing the library template yet since 10.3?

  3. Interested in taking a look at it. Unfortunately, the dropbox link seems like its no longer available.

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