Free 2017 Post Production Icons!

Hello everyone! Yes, a brand new year is approaching so we’ve gotta make sure we work in style.

Presenting to you the new and improved post production icons for 2017!

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-16-00-42Included is everything I use for my workflow. I like to be very organised with my folders and I want to share the same techniques with others around the world!

I’ve tried to cover everything I can think of, but if not, I’ve included the blank folders themselves so that you guys can use to create folders specific to your workflow!

The pack includes

  • The folders themselves
  • PNG versions of the folders
  • Blank folders for other uses

Use them guys, they’re free to download and will be free always, however, if you want to make a donation for the work I’ve done, though don’t feel like you have to, then it will be greatly appreciated.

Other than that guys please send me pictures of you using the folders in your workflow, I’d love to see them! You can tweet me @SWDoctor


Download Here


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