Final Cut Pro X Quick Tip #2 – Creating Timelapses/Stop Motion Videos inside of Final Cut Pro

Good day everyone!

Well, this is turning into a habit of mine now. I hope everyone enjoyed my last quick tip with using Final Cut Pro X to edit instrumental and vocal music tracks using multicamera clips, if you haven’t read that post, then you can read it here. Today’s post is doing something inside of Final Cut that is very very easy and super quick to do, and you’ll love it if you do time-lapse or stop motion animation of any sort. Continue reading


Final Cut Pro X Quick Tip #1 – Using Multicam for Instrumental & Vocal Music Edits.

Good day everyone! 

As my first real post on this blog, albeit after some busy work I’ve finally managed to put one up. I have one of my favourite techniques for editing audio inside of Final Cut Pro X.